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Results Day

Yep, it's that time again. 2 As and 3 Bs. :-( I'd have preferred it the other way round. And then I feel terrible for saying that. But the As were in the subjects that really mattered (Maths and Theatre Studies) so that's not so bad. I shouldn't complain about the Bs in Chemistry, Physics and Further Maths. Actually, a C in Further Maths is meant to be equivalent to an A in Maths, so I kinda did not to badly.

My Summer So Far

Cheese. That pretty much sums it up so far. Cheese. I work with the stuff. That's what I've done for most of the summer. Sell cheese.

But yesterday xx_anarchy_xx and I went to Bristol to see Banksy Versus Bristol Museum! We got there at 9.30 and queued three hours to get in. But it was so worth it. I don't think I've ever laughed out loud in public that much before. It may even be the most fun I've ever had standing up (you have to sit down to watch films, dirty minded people).

It was absolutely brilliant. Banksy's best known for his street art (which is totally worth seeing any of, if you ever get the chance. I love just to wandering across them in Bristol) but his sculptures and instillations can be at once funny, thought provoking and disturbing. I would advise seeing some of his stuff. xx_anarchy_xx took loads of pictures, including this one of me:

Don't you just love my Kaftan. Oh yeah, and Banksy's ice cream van. That's in the shot too...Collapse )

We're kinda proud we managed to get to Bristol and back on the train with no problems and not get lost in Bristol. Aren't we cool? Anywho, results day tomorrow, so fingers crossed for me!


Day 5 (again)

Series 3 was brilliant. And amazing. And Torchwood at its very best.

But I now wish it had never happened.


Day 5

This is the end. It's been fun. But I cannot see any possible way for it to continue.


Things I have discovered today

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang is good for:

a) the soul
b) the flu
c) Ianto related grief

Proceed at your own risk

Janto!fangirl returns with her feelings on CoE: Day Four.

Spoilers: Torchwood: Children of Earth, Day 4 (massive great ugly ones)

( I fear this may be Janto!fangirl's last macro )

Day Four (again)

I've just rewatched that bit. I went in to shock the first time and missed all of what they said. Oh god! I'm crying even harder now. This isn't fair! Just bring him back! Please, please, PLEASE just bring him back to us! *weeps*


Day Four



Day Three

HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!